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Q: How can I help support the HVCC Meal boxes?

Q: How can I get an HVCC Meal box for the week of 3/23?

A: Sign up here or give us a call! (Please remember priority is given to families of the Upper Rio Grande School District.)

Q: Can I support a local business and contribute to the HVCC Meal boxes?

A: Why YES. You can!! Buy a meal from any local restaurant and tell them you'd like to purchase a "share a meal". Prepaid meal cards will be given to HVCC to distribute to local families.

Q: What activities are available for my lovely cherubs during all of this quality time?

A: HVCC has got you covered there too! Check out our activities resource page, sign up for an activity box, and check the website often more virtual opportunities!

Q: Is there a way to know when you are adding all of this fabulous content to you website?

A: There definitely is! Visit our "news" page often and be sure to use the link to sign up for notifications!

Q: My child is trying to catch up on missing school assignments and they need some support or there anyone available to help?

A: Carla Manger, HVCC Engagement Specialist, at your service! She will be scheduling homework assistance gatherings in Google Hangout for this very purpose. Keep an eye on the virtual opportunities or give us a call for more info!

Q: When are you going to open back up?

A: We will be for after-school and Friday programming when school resumes!

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