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After School

Tuesdays - Wednesdays -Thursdays

4pm to 6pm

Closed for school holidays and snow days.

First Tuesday after Labor Day through mid-May.



8am to 5pm

Varying weekly activities that are typically offsite.

First Friday after Labor Day through mid-May.


Tuesdays - Wednesdays -Thursdays

8am to 5pm

Wednesdays are always offsite -- Trip Days

8 weeks

Closed week of July 4


Volleyball - Flag Football - Basketball - Soccer - Baseball

Grades K-6

Play in SLV Youth League

Schedules change each season

Who can attend?

HVCC serves school aged kiddos.  If you are school aged, you are welcome!

To register for your first summer, you must be entering kindergarten in the fall.


We accept students from all districts.

What do we do?

We serve nutritious meals, provide homework, school work, and credit recovery assistance, many fun activities, and a lot of field trips!

What do we charge?

There is no charge to attend HVCC.  We are funded through grants, contracts and community support.  We always accept donations!

Why are you required to register?

We want to keep our participants safe!  Having good contact information allows us contact you if there is a problem and it allows you to stay up to date on what's happening with HVCC.  Collecting demographics allows us to report pertinent information to our funders to help keep the program open.

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