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Weekly Updates -- Week of July 16th

Updated: 1 day ago

Welcome back! We have missed all of our little friends and are excited to start round 2 of the summer!

Tuesday, July 16th

Breakfast: Waffles + Sausage

Lunch: Pulled Pork Tacos


  • Helping Heroes: Drama/Singing

  • Activity 1: Dino Day

  • Activity 2: Reading: Book TBD

  • Orange + Blue Shirts: Fly Fishing

Wednesday, July 17th

Breakfast: Breakfast Sandwiches

Lunch: Turkey + Guac Pitas

Field Trip: Movie + Park Day in Pagosa Springs

  • The bus will leave at 9:30 AM - please be sure your child arrives at least 15 minutes beforehand.

  • We will be watching the Puss In Boots Movie

  • Please do not bring money - the concession stand will not be available!

  • Any loose items/valuables are likely to get lost...don't bring them:)

  • Bring a jacket in case it gets cold in the theater!

Thursday, June 18th

Breakfast: Breakfast Scramble

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad


  • Helping Heroes: Meet A Doctor

  • Activity 1: Pottery

  • Activity 2: Nursing Home

  • Orange + Blue Shirts: Etiquette/Manners


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