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Food is the ingredient that binds us together

We at HVCC believe that one of the most important things we offer to our participants is our daily home-cooked meals after school each day. Following the school's announcement that they were going to close for the week, our first thought was, how are we going to feed these kids? Fortunately, our funders offer enough support to feed the youth participants of our program. However we do not have funding available to support their siblings who do not attend our programs, adult family members or many of the vulnerable individuals in our community.

We have been very honored to receive some surplus of food donations from local restaurants, Upper Rio Grande School District, and churches. As these supplies have been used and the need in our community grows, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help. According to rough estimates, the cost of providing 8,000 meals over an eight-week period will be $20,000 ($2.50 a meal). A donation of $250 to HVCC would fund 100 meals for children, their families, and other vulnerable individuals. If you or your organization can donate money for meals, HVCC can continue to provide food during this challenging time. For more information, contact HVCC at (719) 657-2172.

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