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Cozy Castle Movie Theatre Field Trip February 10th

We get to go to the movies! We will be leaving High Valley at 10:00 am and head north to Saguache. First stop, the park for lunch! High Valley will provide our delicious meal, but we will be outside, so please be sure all the kids have warm clothes to play in.

We will walk down the couple blocks to the Cozy Castle Cinema where we get to watch Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!. We will have a fun popcorn/drink snack to enjoy with our movie. High Valley will cover all the snacks, so no need for the kiddos to bring their own money!

Afterwards, we will walk back to the park for a little more play time and then load up to head back to Del Norte. We should be back to High Valley by 4:00 pm. Hope to see everyone bright and early Friday morning!

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