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We miss our friends!

It has been so great to visit with some of you as we've done our Zoom introductions, checked out what was in your activity kit bag, learned a little bit about why we can't have after-school like you are used, and just got to say hi!

If you missed it, don't make that mistake twice -- every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 3pm we'll be doing a fun activity. Join us on Zoom!

We know that transitioning to online learning is a challenge and we want to do what we can to make it a little bit easier -- for the kiddos, the people at home with you, and your teachers too! From 10:00am to 11:00am and 1:00pm to 2:00pm, Mondays through Thursday, we'll be available to help with your schoolwork, lend a listening ear, you tell us what you need! It's not too hard once you're on Zoom to share you screen with us. If are having trouble figuring out an assignment, want someone to just focus with you, or just want to show us how crazy-smart you are, join us!

And Fridays? We want them to still be fabulous! Join us at 11 and again at 1 for fun activities.

Watch the calendar for reminders and updates on what we're planning each day.

Don't have an activity bag yet? Give us a shout and let us figure out how to get you one.

Want to know what's the next exciting thing we'll be doing at HVCC? We have super-cool step-trackers and we need to get them to you. Once you have yours, we want you to send us a picture with the number of steps you're getting each day. We're going to tour the National Parks in the United States -- starting with the Great Sand Dunes National Park! Do you know how many steps it will take to get the Sand Dunes? 116,000! Maybe we can put our feet together and see how quickly we can get there.

A quick recap? Mondays - Thursdays we are available for homework and hanging out at 10am and 1pm. We'll do an activity each day at 3pm and at 11am and 1pm on Fridays! Calendar for all of the HVCC fun.

A quick story about why we can't have you at High Valley right now? Read here.

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