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Thank you for being a part of Summer 2020

We have had an amazing summer trying to learn new ways to build relationships within our community. We missed the “normal” program and the faces and voices that typically fill our building, but we are grateful for the opportunity we had.

As you —hopefully— know, today (July 30) is the last day for our summer meals. We have made 6,240 meals this summer and enjoyed almost every minute of it!

We’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to send fun little activities and gifts and hope you have liked that as much as we have.

While we cannot say for certain what our upcoming programs will look like, we do know that we are glad we have been able to make new friendships throughout these months and are certain we will find ways to grow those partnerships and friendships!

Thanks for being a part of the HVCC Summer 2020 and we will be back soon!

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