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Summer 2020

Hello Friends!

I just can't believe in a normal year that we would be halfway through our summer program already. Obviously, though, it is far from a normal year. We have shared hundreds of lunches and breakfasts -- they've been so fun to make and we think they are as adorable as they are tasty! If you haven't enjoyed your meals yet, you should definitely give us a call and get your kiddos on the list. (Just don't forget that we will not be serving lunches June 30, July 1, or July 2.)

We have also spent many hours preparing fun boxes for the summer. We finally got the first box ready to send out today! If you signed up for a box and did not get yours yet, give us a call or stop by next Tuesday or Wednesday!!

Now that we have a bit of practice, we think we can get the second box sent out in a much more timely manner! You can expect info on that around July 15th!

If you have some, send us pictures of your kiddos and their boxes!!

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