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March has Sprung!

Can you believe March has snuck up on us so quickly?! We are ready for some sun and fun at High Valley! We are excited for this week, finishing with one of our favorite trips, swimming at Hooper! Here is a quick look at the upcoming week:

Tuesday, Feb 28th: we will be panning for gold for our activity! We also get to munch on beef and broccoli for dinner!

Wednesday, March 1st: faux stained glass will be our activity, and grilled chicken for dinner.

Thursday, March 2nd: we will test our imagination and make cardboard dragon chompers for the activity. Dinner will be ravioli :)

Friday, March 3rd: we will go to Hooper for swimming this week. The bus will leave at 10:00 am and we will be back to High Valley by 4:00 pm. Please remember to pack swim gear and a towel for the kids!

We will be going to Adams State on March 17th for our field trip. Part of that trip will be spent at the climbing wall. Please make sure you fill out a permission slip for each child going before the 17th.

March calendars have been sent home with the kids at school today for your convenience.

We will also be spending more time outside now that the weather is (kinda) getting nicer. Please make sure the kids still have warm clothes to wear while we are outside!

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