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February Fun!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Well, we are officially into February this week, and boy what a first week we will have! This week has two full days of fun. Waterparks, Theatre shows with lunch, and cheering on our High School basketball teams! Check out this week:

Tuesday: Normal day at High Valley. Homework time, tacos for dinner and homemade Mbiras for activity. Pickup time is our normal 6:30.

Wednesday: Another fun afterschool day with meatloaf for dinner and a bridge building competition for activity! Pickup at 6:30.

Thursday: Waterpark day! The kids don't have school this day so we will have a full 8-5 program day and get to go on a field trip to Salida Aquatic Center! We will have HVCC provided lunch at the park and then go to the Aquatic Center for swimming. We will be back at High Valley by 5:00. Pick up time on this day is 5:00. Please be sure to dress the kids warm and have jackets, hats and gloves to be warm at the park before swimming! Be sure to have their swimwear and a towel to take with them.

Friday 11:30: Creede Theatre is coming to High Valley! Please bring the whole family for this community event. The show is geared toward kiddos 5 and under, but fun for all ages! Your whole family is invited to join us for the show at 11:30 with a High Valley provided lunch immediately after the show.

Friday 2:30: At 2:30 we will take the kids to the high school to cheer on our basketball teams in their game against Trinidad. We will leave HVCC at 2:30 - if you do not pick your child up prior to that, you will need to pick them up at the Del Norte Schools. HVCC will operate a pickup lane at the main entrance of the gym from 4:30 to 5:00. Outside of that time, please check your child out from an HVCC employee inside the gym. All children will need picked up from the school/gym by 5pm.

The rest of February is going to go fast and be lots of fun as well. We have three more field trips this month that are a little different and will be super fun. Calendars are sent home with kids from school, posted on the website, Facebook and are available at our front desk.

As the days are starting to get longer, we are going to try and take the kids outside a little more as long as it's not freezing! Please remember to send your kids with warm jackets, hats and gloves so they are comfortable playing outside.

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