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HVCC Sports Statement

HVCC Basketball Families:

HVCC Sports are meant to provide an opportunity for our youth to have fun, work on character development, build skills, and learn fundamentals.

The season has escalated to a point that we are instead demonstrating inappropriate behaviors and instilling negative attitudes and characteristics.

We are communicating with the other teams and coordinators to request accountability and collaboration in each community. However, regardless of the behaviors of other teams, we will not tolerate inappropriate behavior from HVCC players, families, or friends.

Each team has one game left in the regular season and there will be zero tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct. Anyone who chooses to respond to players, officials, timekeepers, parents, coaches, or coordinators with foul language, aggressive behavior, fighting, or generally bad behavior will be asked to leave immediately.

These expectations will be upheld by all staff of HVCC. As an organization we are working to staff and operate the sports program through a variety of positions. Your coaches, out of school time coordinator, support staff, officials, program coach, director, or anyone else has the authority to make these calls on behalf of the organization.

If we are able to contain our frustration and work together for the best of the kids, we will move on to the week of tournament games with the same expectations. If we are unable to move forward positively, we will forfeit the remainder of the season.

Adrienne Atencio 
Executive Director 

High Valley Community Center 
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