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Weekly Updates -- Week of June 18th


HVCC has a full summer of fun ahead, and we are SO excited to have a blast with the kiddos.

As a reminder, we have programming Tuesday-Thursday from 8-5, and Wednesdays are our famous filed trip days!

Here is our plan for the week!

Tuesday, June 18th

Breakfast: Pancakes + Eggs

Lunch: Mac + Cheese


  • Helping Heroes: Cooking Day

  • Activity 1: DIY Slushies/Fake Snow

  • Activity 2: Reading: The Candy Dish

  • Orange + Blue Shirts: SE Health + Slimes

Wed, June 19th

Breakfast: Donuts + Sausage

Lunch: BLT Wraps

Field Trip: Split Field Trip!

  • Girls: Horseback Riding at Lucky Shoe Ranch. All participants MUST sign a release waiver (attached below).

  • Boys: Splashland

  • Buses will leave at 10 AM - please be sure to have your child dropped off before then. Any child who arrives after the bus has left will not be able to participate in HVCC programming for the day.

LSR Waiver
Download PDF • 135KB

Thurs, June 20th

Breakfast: Potatoes + Sausage

Lunch: Chicken Bowls


  • Helping Heroes: Small Business Competition

  • Activity 1: Small Business

  • Activity 2: River Walk

  • Orange + Blue Shirts: Small Business Competition


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