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Out of School Time

HVCC needs you!  We are inviting teachers and community members to apply to lead an hour long activity one night a week for four to six weeks.

HVCC will provide you with fun activity plans and all the supplies. 

Is this a lifelong commitment?

Nope! Braintime at HVCC is every Wednesday, but only attend on the weeks that make sense for you and your class!


Choose your Fun activities are held on either Tuesday or Thursday for a set number of weeks. Choose a “fun” and commit to just those weeks.

Am I a volunteer?

Yes! But you’re a volunteer who will receive a $50 stipend for each week you work. You will receive your stipend at the end of each series of “fun”.

Can I offer a "fun" not on the list?

If you’d like to prepare your own series of activities, please talk to us! We’ll work to add it to the schedule, get the supplies, and register our little friends.

But do I have to be there all night?

Nope! Activity time is held from 5:00 to 6:00. If you can be ready to start at 5pm, you’re good to go! PS Dinner is served about 4:40, feel free to come by early to grab a meal and setup!

Do I have to signup to work with the grade or subject I teach?

Of course not! Our activities typically include students in all grades and this could be a great creative outlet to share a passion separate from school. Braintime is organized by grade, but you can work with any grade you’d like!

Will I have to plan and do lots of homework?

Lots? No! A little? Maybe. The majority of the activities come in pre-made boxes. Each child will receive a box or kit that they’ll use for the duration of that “fun”. Perusing your box and activities ahead of time is highly recommended, but there’s no real planning or studying required.

Will I be completely in charge?

You’ll be responsible for the group you are with and presenting the materials as you find best. HVCC staff will always be on site to provide support, help where needed, and make sure that we’re handling parent-communication, checking kids out, and helping everyone understand the HVCC expectations. This is your chance to do the fun things that you want without some of those day-job stresses!

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