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Are you looking for some cheer?

We know we are, but it's hard to find that cheer without our favorite HVCC people. We have a couple of things up our sleeves though -- and we hope you will be as excited as we are!

There is a lot of sadness that the annual HVCC shopping trip isn't happening, and now you can't even come to HVCC to choose some gifts.

We have a plan though! We called in all of Santa's elves and they have been VERY busy working to help our HVCC little people have a little holiday cheer to share. I can't give away all of the details, but our regularly attending kiddos will be getting a call from us and we'll share the details with you. You are going to LOVE it. If you haven't been attending regularly, or just don't receive a call, make sure you call us. We need all the help we can get to make sure the elves do a great job.

Also. Guess what? It's almost the end of the semester. And that means you have just a couple of days to get your assignments turned in and your grades up. Did you know you can call us or zoom with us and we would be so happy to help you stay on task or get through an assignment? The HVCC calendar has links to our zoom times, but that's not all -- you can let us know and we'll get online anytime. 657-2172 or email any of the staff --;;; -- there are more, but we seem to be at our emails the most.

What if you just want to chat and don't have schoolwork? That's just as good -- we love hanging out.

Want something fun to do? Make sure to get all the details about the Del Norte 2020 Tour of Lights. There are prizes, goodie bags, just plain 'ol cheer!

We don't want a bunch of scrooges this year -- be sure to find cheerful things for you to do and let us know if you we can help you find a smile!

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