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High Valley Community Center offers a safe environment where our youth develop and strengthen positive values and behaviors through responsive programming, community service learning, and meaningful opportunities that inspire them to reach their full potential.


HVCC alumni are productive citizens with skills, ethical values, and a drive to reach their full potential and positively contribute to their peers, families, and community. We strive to create gold-standard youth programming by building and nurturing strong, healthy partnerships with families and our community so HVCC participants have a foundation to thrive.


  • Provide healthy examples and lessons so youth can fulfill their ethical responsibilities to themselves, their families, the community, and HVCC

  • Empower youth to overcome unhealthy cycles and prevent harmful behavior through citizenship and service

  • Create positive economic impact through our partnerships, generous foundation support ,and wise financial planning

  • Provide a comfortable environment with nutritious, homemade meals

  • Provide a safe, stable, and clean environment

  • Support youth through quality programming to improve social skills, life skills, work-force readiness, and healthy decision-making

  • Expose youth to meaningful opportunities and experiences to improve their leadership skills and increase their productive engagement within the larger community

  • Employ happy, committed staff who are genuinely dedicated to making a difference for all youth

  • Employ staff who inspire youth and the community to reach for more, by creating a welcoming environment where everyone feels they belong


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