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Volleyball 2021

Volleyball for grades 3-6 is officially underway.

We understand it is off to a slow start and we are as frustrated by that as you. However, after 44 emails with the other teams, we have a schedule!!

Games begin this week -- if you do not have your HVCC shirt, you will prior to the game on Monday night.

We know that even at this age games can be contentious, but we sincerely ask that you would take the high road and not engage or react. We want as much focus on teaching sportsmanship and good ethics as we do on skill building. Each player and family member is representing HVCC and we appreciate you supporting us in this.

3/4 Games will be held at 6:30 and 5/6 games will be held at 7:30. We also understand this is a little late on school nights, but due to the other districts needing to wait until middle and high school are finished with the gyms, this is what we must do.

We are so grateful to Coach Nichole and Coach Trish for making your first week of practices of great and know that they have had a difficult time sharing information since they have not had it!

Please give HVCC a call if you have any questions or concerns - 657-2172.

2021 Volleyball Schedule 8.20-Copy
Download PDF • 15KB

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